Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Every industry has an evolution with the change of time, and the gaming industry is not an exception to it. Virtual and Augmented Reality are the two technologies that are rapidly advancing. They have led the progress and rapid growth of many industries from gaming enhancements to B2B tools. The future of AR and VR are still not clear to many people, but researchers believe that they will undoubtedly impact the advancement of the business.  

Virtual Reality facilitates artificial simulation of real-life activities and creates an immersive experience for the users. This makes the user feel as if they are interacting personally with their digital environment. On the other hand, Augmented Reality, layers digital enhancements to provide an existing real-life setting by appealing to the senses. Augmented Reality makes thing more appealing and real to their customers as compared to Virtual Reality.

Though both VR and AR are still new and unexplored term to many, they drive the attention of the industry experts and consumers who are looking forward to enhanced gaming experiences and new things to experience that will deliver unforgettable emotions.

Characteristics of AR and VR games:

As VR implies the artificial simulation of real-life plot and surroundings, so when you engage yourself with a VR game, you feel a part of the gaming process. With the usage of special three-dimensional glasses, gaming consoles, gloves, one can experience VR at its best. Virtual Reality actually makes the gaming process more engaging and thrilling.

Augmented Reality generally uses computer-generated objects, and tries to implement them into real-life situations. Through this process, the AR games become more interactive, as one can relate them to the computer-generated characters. This makes the gaming experience of AR games more realistic than VR. Many business professionals and industry experts feel that AR is the far more profitable investment in the gaming world as compared to VR. Augmented Reality has the capacity to change the perception of the real world, and this perhaps makes it stand out from the crowd.

The similarities between them:

To some extent in terms of technology, AR and VR share the same space. VR uses computer-generated characters and surroundings to give a feel of a real-life setting, whereas AR uses virtual characters in the real world setting. Both of them use the same technology platform to provide a redefined gaming environment to the users. Both of these technologies have brought about a massive advancement not only in the gaming industry but also in other sectors like tourism, realty, retail, healthcare and much more. Most of the top IT and tech companies use these technologies to develop new applications and products to enhance the user experience.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Gaming

What are the differences between AR and VR?

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are very closely related terms in the tech world. Though they have most of the things in common, but the difference between AR and VR lies mostly in the purpose of their application. VR creates a computer-generated environment, whereas AR uses virtual elements like digital sensations, graphics and other such objects in a real-life environment, enhancing the way a user interacts with its own real world.

Another major difference between AR and VR lies in the way they are used. To experience VR one needs to wear VR headsets or 3D glasses, but in AR user experiences it through the app installed on their mobile or tablets. So it makes simpler for the user to experience AR. Also Augmented Reality (AR) games generally need a Virtual environment to be implemented as in Mixed Reality (MR), whereas Virtual Reality (VR) Games are in general self-sufficient with its own virtual world.

In spite of having a few distinct features, both AR and VR are the two important components to revolutionize the gaming industry. The game developers prefer to use both these technologies to create magical experiences in games.

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