Redefine Your Brand

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Product Visualization

Enable product exploration, from automobiles, electronics to real estate
Futuristic shoppers may test models, styles and textures of products. A motorcycle enthusiast can now bring alive a 3D view from a magazine ad, obsess every detail and angle of a new model.
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Exciting Engagements

Win over consumers with interactive and fun-filled activities
Engage consumers by bringing to life print media advertisements. Sponsor thrilling experiences like playing football virtually with your favourite stars and taking a selfie together. Leverage the ultimate retention platform with AR games powered by brand sponsored rewards.

Magnify Your Sales

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Make shopping a thrill for your customers and close every sale.
Unlock a world of rich and immersive in-store retailing where customers can view/ match/ customize products virtually. Convert sales and build trust with customers by augmenting specifications, nutritional information, ratings/ reviews and more.
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Product Fit

Blend e-commerce with a thrilling and interactive shopping experience.
Enable customers to see real form and fit even when buying online. Whether it is to configure a couch set at home or preview different colours/ designs of watches on the wrist before purchase, consumers get timely point of sales insights.

Reimagine Your World

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Transform travel experiences from drawing rooms to destinations
Create virtual tours for destinations, hotels, attractions and enable travellers to plan. Augment monuments in the location with visual insights. Augray’s WanderVR powers destination exploration in a portable and vivid way.
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Virtual Buddy

Create an emotional affinity with your brand through Virtual Buddy
Present your very own branded virtual buddy to customers. It can be taken home, trained and will be capable of tons of animations as it grows. Virtual buddies will greet their owners when they return to retail businesses / restaurants. Augray’s PlayAR platform helps you to reward customers in-game, at retail points and expands game levels to keep them coming back to your outlet.