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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, this proverb goes well with outdoor games, but do you know even it is apt for video/mobile games as well. Researchers have found out that video games are very useful in improving our everyday life. It helps in boosting our learning, health, and social skills.

Organizations like American Psychological Association (APA) suggest that playing video games helps children to develop problem-solving skills, and also strengthen a range of cognitive skills like spatial navigation, reasoning, memory, and perception.

Video games are the favorite pastimes for many of us. But how much do we know about the benefits we get from playing them? Apart from collecting points, there are a lot more in playing these games. Let us take a look at some of the interesting information about how our favorite video games help us to improve our real life.

1. Helps to accept challenges in life: Most of the renowned video games are always challenging in nature. You need to fight a lot to become the winner or score the highest. In this way, you learn to accept challenges and find a way to win them. This same scenario can be applied in our day to day life. You can also know where to focus on and how to control actions to improve the situation around you.

2. Helps to relieve anxiety and stress: Anything that provides us fun and entertainment are used to alleviate our stress and anxiety. And video games are no exception to it. Video games help to boost our energy by helping us to have some relaxed time. Some psychological studies show that besides other medical treatment, playing immersive video games actually helps to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Texas A&M International University has found that those who play some of the violent video games can actually handle long term stress than their non-game playing peers. Playing video games not only makes us stress-free but is also a tool for mood management.

3. Helps in socializing: With the coming of online gaming, gamer have formed their own world separately. Gaming communities have developed and social forums are now present where discussions go on about gaming. This helps people to become more socialized. Every day you can get a chance to meet new people and know about their favorite games and gaming habits. With online gaming now you can play and compete with your friends irrespective of your geographical boundaries.

How video games improve ones life

Augmented Reality games are playing a great part in socializing people. These games have actually taken out people from their home onto the streets, where they have a chance to know new people every day, and also explore new places.

Games like Pokémon Go are a great example of it as they take people outside their homes to catch Pokémon. Gamers can then help each other to catch Pokémon, which in turn will create social interaction among them. Another good example of this is a real-world game, Ingress. This game has also helped gamers explore new places and get out in the real world to meet new people.

4. Helps in multitasking: We know that multitasking is not at all good for productivity, but still, we end up in doing that. We eat, see TV, write a blog, and also chat with our friends at the same time. Some of us might be working well by multi-tasking. And for people like them, playing video games can be an added advantage to successfully carry on with their habits. Cognitive researcher, Daphne Bavalier have found out that people who have played video games like Call of Duty were able enough to handle auditory and visual distractions in a proper manner, without affecting their workflow.

5. Helps in learning and inspire career paths:  An avid gamer can one day become a game designer or a game architect. They can create the game that they wanted to play the most, which can always be a masterpiece. Nothing can be more enjoyable than taking up your favorite pastime as your career. Apart from the gaming industry, video games can also be useful in other sectors as well. Many industries train their professionals through various video games required. For example, an architect can learn a lot about designing buildings by playing the popular building game Minecraft. Many educational institutions have taken up video games as a part of their course to teach problem-solving methods and value of perseverance. This also adds some entertainment to education, making it more interesting for students.

6. Helps in learning when to leave: In every video game, you have time to finish it though it might be too interesting to you. Again for some game, you have to quit it as it becomes too boring for you. Similarly, in real life, we need to make decisions when to finish something and quit. Video games force us to face the tension and frustrations about starting over or walking away from something which is not interesting to us. This is anyway a good practice for our real life.

7. Helps to balance workflow: Every video game that we play has a certain time limit within which we need to complete playing it. Similarly, in our day to day work, we can set such time limits and levels to finish it fast and in a proper way. In video games, we get points or rewards as we cross each level. A similar process can be followed in our life to achieve our goals and milestones. Once we reach our goals we can reward ourselves. This helps in maintaining a balanced workflow.

With all its positive characteristics, video games are viewed as a tool that can improve and level up your entire life. You can imagine yourself to be a game character and can think about the best strategy to reach your ultimate goal. You can divide your goals into different levels of the game and try to become the winner of your life!

Wrap Up: Augmented Reality games are now gaining more momentum and users. It has its place in various sectors and industries and quite soon will be of regular use in your everyday actions, as well. Anticipating such a future, AugRay provides cutting edge and personalized AR/VR solutions to all types of businesses helping them gain better brand recognition, customer engagement and increased sales.

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