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Providing an Omnichannel-immersive experience & innovative solutions for retailers through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality.

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Bringing Experiential Retail + To Life

eXtended Reality is redefining the customer engagement rules allowing brands to win and retain the customers, creating omnichannel-immersive experiences with product interactions at various touchpoints including in-store/brick & mortar & online shopping/e-commerce.

Retail Industry is transitioning rapidly to stay successful with increasing consumer power and has gone through multiple disruptions in the recent past. Technology is enabling retailers to meet ever-increasing consumers’ demands.

Why eXtended Reality?









WebAR Aided Retail

Transforming the shopping experience for customers with a mobile camera, No App required.

Allows retail brands to connect with their customers providing 3D product visualization & specs across e-commerce and brick & mortar. Creating an omnichannel journey with an immersive experience at multiple touchpoints bridging the gap for online and in-store shoppers.

Amplify sales & enhance customer engagement with disrupting technology, which provides a faster and seamless experience to customers, measure the marketing efforts from online click-throughs to conversions and from store walk-ins to dwell-time with great insights at various touchpoints.

RetailXR for In-store Experience!

Create an In-store experience to engage your customers & uplift your sales!

Brick & mortar continues to play an important role in providing unique shopping experience to their customers, as customers are seeking to experience before purchasing anything. The rise in e-commerce has not changed consumers’ desire to visit the physical stores, but only expectations from retailers have risen.

We offer eXtended reality solutions to retailers to engage with their customers, by creating an in-store immersive experience with a visual & virtual display of the products and specifications to try-on’s, in-store navigation to find product information to avail best deals & rewards which enables the customers to carry the experience home along with the products.

RetailXR Gamification & Rewards

Engage your customers emotionally & retain with gamification.

Create omnichannel gamification of your product experience and brand campaigns to enhance sales and retain customers with loyalty points & rewards. It enables you to engage your customers with tailor-made gamified campaigns to tell your brand stories, engage users for a longer duration, upsell your products and rewarding mechanism leading to increased sales.

Virtual Buddy

Create an emotional affinity with your brand through Virtual Buddy!

Present your very own branded virtual buddy to customers. It can be taken home, trained, and will be capable of tons of animations as it grows. Virtual buddies will greet their owners when they return to retail businesses / restaurants. Augray’s RetailXR platform helps you to reward customers in-game, at retail points and expands game levels to keep them coming back to your outlet.

Video XR

Engage your customers with the unique XR experience & make them part of your video content!

Video XR enables your customers to participate in engaging VideoXR campaigns, capture themselves in celebrity endorsement campaigns along with their favorite movie stars, sports icons, brand mascots, and animated characters. It generates highly personalized engagement & organic user-generated content.

Video XR campaign enhances your promotional digital & non-digital campaign performance with increased dwell time, immersive experiences and participation, it amplifies online reach by triggering excitement of audiences to invite & share it with their friends and loved ones. All of this is possible by giving the audiences a seamless experience with just a web-link click or a scan from the mobile device without installing any mobile app.

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