Why eXtended Reality?

AugRay enables brands to redefine consumer experience, with informative, explorative and multi-sensory eXtended Reality solutions.









XR Product Visualization

Enable customers to experience your product through Online & Offline XR Campaigns.

eXtended Reality enables consumers to experience your product with ease that transform into digital models, which gives an immersive experience through their mobile device camera with just a click or a quick scan. Web-enabled XR doesn’t need any mobile app downloads making it hasslefree for consumers through online or offline marketing efforts.

Online Product Fit

Blend e-commerce with immersive and interactive XR shopping experience.

Uplift your online sales by XR enabled online shopping experience, enabling customers to see real form and fit even when buying online. Whether it is to configure furniture or electronic appliances at home or preview different colours/designs of watches on the wrist before purchase, consumers get timely point of sales insights.

Virtual Buddy

Create an emotional affinity with your brand through Virtual Buddy.

Present your very own branded virtual buddy to customers. It can be taken home, trained and will be capable of tons of animations as it grows. Virtual buddies will greet their owners when they return to retail businesses / restaurants. Augray’s PlayAR platform helps you to reward customers in-game, at retail points and expands game levels to keep them coming back to your outlet.

XR-Aided Retail

Engage your customers in-store & online to increase sales.

Unlock the world of rich & immersive in-store & online retailing where customers can view/ match/ customize products virtually. Convert sales and build trust with customers by augmenting specifications, nutritional information, ratings/ reviews and more.

Exciting XR Engagement

Engage your audience with increased dwell time with interactive XR enabled BTL promotions.

Provide an immersive experience to your audience like playing football virtually with favourite stars and taking a selfie together. Leverage the ultimate retention platform with XR games powered by brand sponsored rewards.

Wander VR

Transform travel experiences from drawing rooms to destinations.

Create virtual tours for destinations, hotels, attractions and enable travellers to plan. Augment monuments in the location with visual insights. Augray’s WanderVR powers destination exploration in a portable and vivid way.

PlayXR Gamification & Rewards

Engage your customers with gamified brand campaigns.

Augray’s PlayXR platform combines numerous XR re-skinnable Games and a Rewards system, it enables you to engage your customers with tailor-made gamified campaigns to tell your brand stories, engage users for a longer duration, upsell your products and rewarding mechanism leading to increased sales.

Video XR

Engage your customers with the unique XR experience & make them part of your video content

Video XR campaign enhances your promotional digital & non-digital campaign performance with increased dwell time, immersive experiences and participation, it amplifies online reach by triggering excitement of audiences to invite & share it with their friends and loved ones. All of this is possible by giving the audiences a seamless experience with just a web-link click or a scan from the mobile device without installing any mobile app.

Top Reason Why You Consider AR/VR Technology

  • Over 90% of businesses are considering virtual and digital enablement, including the life sciences industry
  • AR/VR enables to rebound faster in this new normal and can deliver ROI over 10x through immersive engagement
  • Up to 10 minutes Surge in pharma meeting engagements using XR
  • MR remote auditing enhances total quality management and compliance adherence
  • More than 50% of the physicians want AR-detailing of the products
  • AR-detailing can reduce the average length of product demos to 90 to 120 seconds
  • AR/VR to attract 3.4 million users in healthcare by 2025
  • XR saves pharma sales and pharma marketing costs by 40%
  • AR/VR can reduce training times by over 60%

Engage XR campaign in your End to End sales cycle and not a one off

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